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          China Vegoils & Oilseeds Industry Analysis and Forecast Report (2012-2013)


          China Vegoils & Oilseeds Industry Analysis and Forecast Report (2012-2013)

          【關 鍵 詞:】

          Vegoils & Oilseeds Industry Report

          【英文版價格:】$ 1980

          In 2012, China’s vegetable oil industry showed the following main characteristics and changes:
          (1) The Government policies continued to bring a great impact on the market.
          The Government continued to provide subsidies for encouraging oilseed production. The policies for soybean and rapeseed purchasing and storage, and vegoil auction continued to be implemented in order to stabilize the market.

          (2) Domestic production declined, import increased largely, vegetable oil was oversupply.
          In 2012, both rapeseed and soybean production dropped obviously; Peanut and sunflower output was almost stable, and domestic oilseed supply reduced slightly.
          In 2012, the overall imports of oils and oilseed increased significantly, especially soybean oil converted from new-added imported soybean was upward of 1 million MT.
          In 2012, vegetable oil demand is expected to be more than 28 million MT, supply should approach to 30 million MT, and it would be oversupply.

          (3) Oilseeds crushing especially soybean fell into serious losses; vegoils capacity kept on increasing.
          Soybean, rapeseed and peanut crushing still fell into serious losses in 2012, oilseeds processing capacity kept on increasing.
          These new projects take enterprise groups expansion as the major, and the size of single project is relatively large, industry concentration and scale level both further improve.

          (4) Vegetable oil prices remained at a high level in the first half of 2012, but kept on falling in the second half.

          Based on detailed and accurate data, this report will analyze the changes of industry in 2012 and make the predications in 2013, from the angles of production, processing, consumption, trade, etc.


          Part One: 2012 China’s Soybean Industry Analysis & 2013 Forecast
          1.1 2012 Soybean Production
          1.1.1 Soybean Planting Area Fell, Yield Stabilized, and Output was 12.8 Million Tons
          1.1.2 Soybean Purchase, Reserve and Auction Policies
          1.1.3 Soybean Cost up, Crush Margins Down
          1.2 2012 Soybean and Soybean Oil Imports
          1.2.1 Soybean Imports Increased to 58 Million Tons, the Largest Original Country is still America
          1.2.2 Major Soybean Import Enterprise Analysis
          1.2.3 Soybean Oil Imports Continued to Ascend, Import Concentration is higher
          1.3 Analysis on 2012 Soybean Crushing Industry
          1.3.1 Soybean Crushing Capacity and Quality Continued to Increase
          1.3.2 Size of Single New Project is Relatively Large
          1.3.3 Distribution of Soybean Crushing Capacity
          1.3.4 Analysis on Production Situation of Mainly Enterprise Groups
 Yihai Kerry Group
 Jiusan Grain & Oil Industry Group
 Chinatex Corporation
          1.4 2012 Soybean Crushing Margins Changes
          1.4.1 Soybean Prices Increased Sharply
          1.4.2 Soyoil Price Fluctuated as Shape “M” due to Abundant Supply
          1.4.3 Soybean Meal Prices Increased Sharply
          1.4.4 Soybean Crushing Still Fell into Losses, but Overall Margins Better than Last Year
          1.5 2013 Soybean Market Supply-Demand and Forecast
          1.5.1 Soybean Production Down to 12 million Tons, Imports to Exceed 60 million Tons
          1.5.2 Crushed Soybean to Reach 58 million Tons, Soybean Oil Output Close to 12 Million Tons
          1.5.3 Soybean Stocks at a Higher Level
          1.5.4 Soybean Price will to Fall in 2013

          Part Two: 2012 China’s Rapeseed Industry Analysis & 2013 Forecast
          2.1 2012 Rapeseed Production
          2.1.1 Rapeseed Production Decreased Due to a Decline in Planting Area
          2.1.2 Policies Related to Rapeseed Production Support, Purchase and Reserve, etc.
          2.1.3 Improved Benefit of Rapeseed Cultivation
          2.2 2012 Rapeseed and Rapeseed Oil Imports
          2.2.1 Rapeseed Imports Increased to 2.9 Million Tons Due to Changes of Import Policy
          2.2.2 Rapeseed Oil Imports Significantly Increased to 1.2 Million Tons
          2.3 Analysis on 2012 Rapeseed Crushing Industry
          2.3.1 Rapeseed Crushing Capacity Add 3 Million Tons to More Than 40 Million Tons, Crush Reached 15 Million Tons
          2.3.2 New Projects Capacity is Large, Industry Concentration Further Improves
          2.3.3 Distribution of Rapeseed Crushing Capacity
          2.3.4 Production Analysis on Main Enterprise Groups
 Yihai Kerry Group
 Chinatex Corporation
          2.4 2012 Rapeseed Crush Margins
          2.4.1 Rapeseed Prices Rose Considerably
          2.4.2 Rapeseed Oil Prices Increased and Decreased Sharply
          2.4.3 Rapeseed Meal Prices Continued to Fall after Rose Sharply
          2.4.4 Rapeseed Crush Margins Fluctuated as Shape “M”
          2.5 2013 Rapeseed Supply-Demand and Market Forecast
          2.5.1 Domestic Rapeseed Supply to Stabilize, Demand Growth will be Provided up by Imports
          2.5.2 Rapeseed Oil Imports to Mount up
          2.5.3 Rapeseed Prices to Maintain at a High Level of 5000 RMB/MT

          Part Three: 2012 China’s Palm Oil Industry Analysis & 2013 Forecast
          3.1 2012 Palm Oil Imports
          3.1.1 Palm Oil Import Prices Fell Slightly, Import Continued to Increased
          3.1.2 Main Import Products: BD and Stearin, Crude Palm Oil Imports Continued to Reduce Sharply
          3.1.3 Palm Oil Import Enterprise Concentration is higher
          3.2 Analysis on 2012 Palm Oil Processing Industry
          3.2.1 Palm Oil Processing Capability is very Centralized
          3.2.2 Foreign Funds are Positive in Investment, Palm Oil Processing Capability Continuous Improved
          3.2.3 Analysis on Main Enterprise Groups
 Tianjin Julong Group
 Yihai Kerry Group
 Shenzhen Niannianfeng Grains&Oils
 Indonesia Chunjin Group
          3.3 2012 Palm Oil Market Changes
          3.3.1 Palm Oil Port Prices Fell sharply due to Supply Exceeds Demand
          3.3.2 Palm Oil Stocks Rebounded and Hit a High Record
          3.4 2013 Palm Oil Supply-Demand and Market Forecast
          3.4.1 Palm Oil Imports Expected Between 5-5.5 Million Tons in 2013
          3.4.2 Palm Oil Price will Decrease first and Then Increase

          Part Four: 2012 Peanut, Cottonseed, Sunflower and Sesame Industry Analysis & 2013 Forecast
          4.1 Analysis and Forecast on China’s Peanut Industry
          4.1.1 Peanut Output was Almost Same as 2011
          4.1.2 Peanut Export Further Fell
          4.1.3 Peanut Prices Fell, but Oil Price Rose Sharply, Crush Margins Rose
          4.1.4 Peanut Crushing Capacity Increased Slowly, Industry Concentration Further Improves
          4.1.5 Prices of Peanut and Its Products Maintain at a High Level in 2013
          4.2 Analysis and Forecast on China’s Cottonseed Industry
          4.2.1 Cottonseed Supply Increased Slightly
          4.2.2 Both Cottonseed and Cottonseed Oil Prices were Lower than 2011
          4.2.3 Tight Cottonseed and Oil Supply/Demand Situation to be relieved in 2013
          4.3 Analysis and Forecast on China’s Sunflower Industry
          4.3.1 Sunflower Planting Area and Production Both Reduced
          4.3.2 Sunflower Exports and Sunflower Oil Imports Both Reduced
          4.4 Analysis and Forecast on China’s Sesame Industry
          4.4.1 Sesame Production Stagnated at 0.6 Million Tons
          4.4.2 Sesame Trade is Basically Stable, and Sesame oil Net Export Volume Increased

          Part Five: 2012 China’s Vegoil Supply-Demand Analysis & 2013 Forecast
          5.1 Vegoil Supply
          5.1.1 Vegoil Converted from Domestic Oilseed Reached 9.5 Million Tons, Slightly Fell 0.5 Million Tons From Last Year
          5.1.2 Vegoil Converted from Imported Oilseeds and Vegoil Imports Increased Sharply
          5.1.3 Vegoil Supply Reached 31 Million Tons, 70% of Foreign Dependence
          5.2 China’s Vegoil Consumption
          5.2.1 Total Vegoil Consumption and Consumption Structure
          5.2.2 2013 Vegoil Supply to be a bit loose

          Figure 1-1, Changes in China Soybean Planting Acreage, 1979-2012
          Figure 1-2, Changes in China Soybean Yield, 1979-2012
          Figure 1-3, Changes in China Soybean Production, 1979-2012
          Figure 1-4, Prices Changes of China’s Soybean Purchase and storage, 2008/09~2012/13
          Figure 1-5, Soybean Production Benefits, 1978-2012
          Figure 1-6, China Soybean Import Volume, 1995-2012
          Figure 1-7, China Soybean Import Volume by Month, 2010-2012
          Figure 1-8, China Soybean Import Price (CIF) by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-9, China Soybean Imports by Original Country, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-10, China Soybean Imports by Region in 2012
          Figure 1-11, China Soybean Oil Import Volume by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-12, China Soybean Oil Import Price (CIF) by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-13, China Soybean Oil Imports by Original Country, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-14, China Soybean Oil Imports by Region in 2012
          Figure 1-15, China’s Soybean Crushing Capacity, 2000-2013
          Figure 1-16, China’s Soybean Crushing Quantity, 2000-2013
          Figure 1-17, Average Price of Soybean in Port and Major Production Areas, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-18, Average Price of Soy Oil in Major Production and Purchasing Areas, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-19, Average Price of Soy Meal in Major Production and Purchasing Areas, 2011-2012
          Figure 1-20, Average Crush Margins of Domestic and Imported Soybeans, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-1, Changes in China Rapeseed Planting Acreage, 1979-2012
          Figure 2-2, Changes in China Rapeseed Yield, 1979-2012
          Figure 2-3, Changes in China Rapeseed Production, 1979-2012
          Figure 2-4, Price Changes of China’s Rapeseed Purchase and storage, 2008-2012
          Figure 2-5, Rapeseed Production Benefits, 1978-2012
          Figure 2-6, China Rapeseed Import Volume, 1992-2012
          Figure 2-7, China Rapeseed Import Volume by Month, 2010-2012
          Figure 2-8, China Rapeseed Import Price (CIF) by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-9, China Rapeseed Import Volume by Region in 2012
          Figure 2-10, China Rapeseed Oil Import Volume, 1992-2012
          Figure 2-11, China Rapeseed Oil Import Volume by Month, 2010-2012
          Figure 2-12, China Rapeseed Oil Import Price (CIF) by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-13, Average Price of Rapeseed, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-14, Average Price of Rapeseed Oil, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-15, Average Price of Rapeseed Meal, 2011-2012
          Figure 2-16, Average Rapeseed Crushing Margin, 2011-2012
          Figure 3-1, China Palm Oil Import Volume by Original Country, 1992-2012
          Figure 3-2, China Palm Oil Import Volume by Month, 2010-2012
          Figure 3-3, China Palm Oil Import Price, 2011-2012
          Figure 3-4, China Palm Oil Imports by Original Country in 2012
          Figure 3-5, China Palm Oil Import Volume by Region in 2012
          Figure 3-6, Average Price of RBD Palm Oil, 2011-2012
          Figure 3-7, China Palm Oil Import Price (CIF) by Month, 2011-2012
          Figure 3-8, Changes in Palm Oil Ports Stocks, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-1, Changes in China Peanut Planting Acreage, 1979-2012
          Figure 4-2, Changes in China Peanut Yield, 1979-2012
          Figure 4-3, Changes in China Peanut Production, 1979-2012
          Figure 4-4, China Peanut Export Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 4-5, Average Price of Peanut, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-6, Average Price of Peanut Oil, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-7, Average Peanut Crushing Margin, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-8, Cottonseed Production, 1981-2012
          Figure 4-9, Average Price of Cottonseed, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-10, Average Price of Cottonseed oil, 2011-2012
          Figure 4-11, Sunflower Seeds Production, 1979-2012
          Figure 4-12, Sunflower Seeds Import and Export Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 4-13, Sunflower Oil Import Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 4-14, Changes in China Sesame Production, 1979-2012
          Figure 4-15, Sesame Import and Export Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 4-16, Sesame Oil Import and Export Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 5-1, Vegetable Oil output offered by China’s Oilseeds, 1980-2012
          Figure 5-2, China Vegoil total Import Volume, 2000-2012
          Figure 5-3, China’s Vegoil Consumption, 2000-2013
          Figure 5-4, China’s Vegoil Consumption Structure in 2012

          Map 1, Distribution of Vegoil Enterprises in China
          Map 2, Distribution of Large-Scale Vegoil Enterprises

          Table 1-1, Statistics of National Soybean Reserve bidding Sale
          Table 1-2, Major Soybean import enterprises in 2012
          Table 1-3, Statistics of New Soybean Crushing Projects in 2012
          Table 1-4, Soybean Crushing Capacity of Major Enterprises
          Table 1-5, Yihai Kerry Group Soybean Crushing Capacity
          Table 1-6, COFCO Soybean Crushing Capacity
          Table 1-7, Jiusan Grain & Oil Industry Group Soybean Crushing Capacity
          Table 1-8, Chinatex Corporation Soybean Crushing Capacity
          Table 1-9, China Soybean Supply and Demand, 2007/08~2012/13
          Table 2-1, Statistics of Rapeseed Crushing New Projects in 2012
          Table 2-2, Rapeseed Crushing Capacity of Major Enterprises
          Table 2-3, COFCO Rapeseed Crushing Capacity
          Table 2-4, Yihai Kerry Group Rapeseed Crushing Capacity
          Table 2-5, Chinatex Corporation Rapeseed Crushing Capacity
          Table 2-6, China Rapeseed Supply and Demand, 2006/07~2012/13
          Table 3-1, Palm Oil Import Species Structure in 2012
          Table 3-2, Major Palm Oil Import Enterprises in 2012
          Table 3-3, Statistics of Palm Oil New Projects in 2012
          Table 3-4, Palm Oil Processing Capacity of Major Enterprises
          Table 3-5, Yihai Kerry Group Palm Oil Processing Capacity
          Table 3-6, COFCO Palm Oil Processing Capacity
          Table 3-7, Shenzhen Niannianfeng Grains & Oils Palm Oil Processing Capacity
          Table 3-8, Indonesia Chunjin Group Palm Oil Processing Capacity
          Table 4-1, Cottonseed and its Products Supply and Demand, 2006/07-2012/13
          Table 5-1, China’s Vegetable Oils & Oilseeds Import Structure, 2011-2012
          Attached Table 1, Soybean Production by Region, 2011-2012
          Attached Table 2, Rapeseed Production by Region, 2011-2012
          Attached Table 3, Peanut Production by Region, 2011-2012
          Attached Table 4, China Vegoil Supply and Demand, 2007/08~2012/13
          Attached Table 5, Global Vegoil Supply and Demand, 2007/08~2012/13


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